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Complexity? We were born for it

There are no easy challenges for those who operate in the Health sector. Context, territories, technological innovation, economic and social factors, changes in the regulatory framework, all drive competition and point towards a continuous change.

Best in Health was created to give quick and comprehensive solutions: a company of professionals having concrete vertical and diverse expertise, who are able to support investors and health and social operators in their daily challenges, both conceptive and functional.

Because future lays in the hands of those who anticipate change.

Best in Health is an ecosystem of expertise designed to collaborate on the conception, launch and implementation of healthcare projects.

We primarily focus on supporting investment funds, healthcare management, start-ups and innovation companies, NGOs and foundations.

Our mission? To go beyond the mere logics of consultancy in order to plan and work with innovators and future-oriented professionals who want to address the challenges of the new Health system.

Best in Health is the result of the experience and collaboration of a team of professionals who have come together in a joint-stock company to offer an integrated vision and coordinated solutions in the social and health sector. Our activities are delivered through the coordinated work of professional practices which collectively involve over 50 professionals.


Take the first step

Best in Health’s innovative approach is based on the early involvement of a business coach who will assess the various aspects of your project in collaboration with one or more of our managers.