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Start-ups and innovation

Young companies with high innovative and technological content are what the market demands today and will shape part of the future markets. 

Particularly in the health sector, there will be a significant increase in the number of such companies, which will develop their projects in the field of digital health, from telemedicine to research and development of new medicines and digital therapies, intersecting the field of digital data.

These are companies which, by meeting certain requirements, can qualify as innovative start-ups or SMEs and benefit from significant tax incentives.

Best in Health supports start-ups from the moment they are set up, guiding them through the corporate and fiscal stages so that the high potential of the product or service they have created can be fully reached.

Take the first step

Best in Health’s innovative approach is based on the early involvement of a business coach who will assess the various aspects of your project in collaboration with one or more of our managers.