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TAMassociati is an architectural design studio that challenges conventions.

TAMassociati has always sought innovative and practical solutions for its clients and is capable of providing, in the healthcare field, a reliable and internationally prestigious product, which is the result of more than twenty years’ experience, passion and professional organization.

Within Best in Health, TAMassociati is positioned as a founding member and partner specialized in medical design, capable of guiding the client with competence and precision both in the renovation of existing facilities and in the construction of new clinical and hospital complexes; with activities ranging from estimation, renovation & refurbishment, feasibility & planning activities, to the building design for new healthcare buildings.

Team Best in Health | Building area

Architect, Co-founder and CEO of TAMassociati, Marco Lepore has gained extensive experience in strategic planning for the design and implementation of projects in the…
Architect, Co-founder and COO of TAMassociati, Raul Pantaleo has gained a strong experience as a consultant for the design and implementation of projects in…
Architect, Co-founder and CKO of studio TAMassociati, he has developed a wide experience as designer and consultant for the realization of projects in the…

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Best in Health’s innovative approach is based on the early involvement of a business coach who will assess the various aspects of your project in collaboration with one or more of our managers.