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The Stefanelli&Stefanelli law firm has over 20 years’ experience in health law. 

The firm’s strong specialization and managerial organization have led it to deliver legal services that are not only designed to manage disputes, but also to build value.

Its professionals are driven by the belief that legal compliance allows companies not only to avoid sanctions, but above all to raise their image of quality and reliability, creating legally sustainable innovation and thus increasing their competitive advantage in the market.

The idea of Best in Health stems precisely from this vision of the legal profession and from the understanding that our clients can only win the challenges posed by today’s healthcare if legal assistance is extended and integrated with all other areas that create efficiency and value.

Team Best in Health | Legal area

President of Best In Health, Silvia Stefanelli is a lawyer who has worked in the field of healthcare law for many years, with particular…
Vice-President of Best in Health, Andrea Stefanelli is a lawyer and has been active for many years in the field of public procurement and,…
Eleonora Lenzi works mainly in the field of corporate law and has gained substantial experience in national and international contracts, protection of intellectual and…

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Best in Health’s innovative approach is based on the early involvement of a business coach who will assess the various aspects of your project in collaboration with one or more of our managers.