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Massimo Lepore

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Massimo Lepore

Architect, Co-founder and CEO of TAMassociati, Marco Lepore has gained extensive experience in strategic planning for the design and implementation of projects in the social and health field, with particular attention to real estate aspects.

He has worked as a consultant for international programmes, with direct experience in countries such as the USA, the People’s Republic of China, Qatar, Kenya, Rwanda and other African countries.

This role, combined with the firm’s other activities, has earned him major awards such as:

Energy Globe Award/ Espoo, 2019,
Holcim-Lafarge Prize / Middle East Africa/ Nairobi, 2017
Italian Architect of the year/ Rome, 2014
Zumtobel Group Award/ London, 2014
Aga Khan Award for Architecture/ Lisbon, 2013
G. Ius Gold Medal / Capocchin Prize/ Padova, 2013
Curry Stone Design Prize/ San Francesco, 2013

Co-founder and partner in Best in Health, he is responsible for planning and real estate, within the specialised services the company provides to investors and administrators in the healthcare sector.


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