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Artificial intelligence and security, an ebook by Clusit

Published in March 2021, the ebook “Intelligenza artificiale e sicurezza: opportunità, rischi e raccomandazioni” is addressed to all organisations, from SMEs to Public Administrations, and aims to provide an overview of AI and at the same time to analyse possible issues: from ethical questions to security risks, including the analysis of applicable regulations, which are sometimes unclear.

This ebook by Clusit is the result of a year’s work and the contribution of 74 authors, including Lawyer Silvia Stefanelli.

Artificial intelligence is a topical issue and will play a major role in the development of markets and process innovation, generating value, opportunities and improved efficiency.

Entrepreneurs and managers cannot ignore its incredible potential and in order to fully leverage it, it will be essential to be informed on the regulatory context, risks and implications of compliance, security, data protection and GDPR.

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