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Artificial intelligence, healthcare and biomedical research in Italy

On 25 February 2021 Tendenze Nuove, the journal of the Smith KLine Foundation, published the monographic issue “Intelligenza artificiale, Sanità e ricerca biomedica in Italia: proposta di Repository Sanitario Nazionale”, which was written by 13 national experts, among which Lawyer Silvia Stefanelli.

The ebook contains a proposal for a National Health Repository as an engine for the use of Artificial Intelligence within the Italian Health System.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables a machine to solve problems or perform activities that are typical of the human mind and abilities, and is currently entering almost all sectors and dimensions of human life.

In the field of research and health, this technology has the potential not only to transform research and the development of new therapies, but also to change the paradigm of healthcare provision for citizens by offering greater efficiency in an increasingly demanding healthcare environment with fewer resources.

The proposed model is that of a National Health Repository of public governance and ownership, based on the principle of mutualistic solidarity of health data among citizens, according to which each citizen contributes by donating their health data to the National Health System, receiving in return health services proportionate to their personal health needs, regardless of their contribution.

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