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TAMAssociati in the Italy Pavilion at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition 2021 in Venice

Les Pétales, a new project by TAMassociati and Arup, a global leader in the field of “Total Impact Design”, is on display from 22 May 2021 at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition Biennale in Venice, in the Italy Pavilion. A pilot project, designed to address the complex problems of urbanisation on the African continent, requested by the Ministry of Social Housing of the Republic of Cameroon from the Italian company Pizzarotti, which coordinated the team of designers.

The project will provide 10,000 new dwellings in an area of more than 300 hectares near the capital Yaoundé, for a population of around 55,000 new inhabitants, who will benefit from high quality services (health, education, commerce, sport, leisure), while respecting the country’s environmental and cultural conditions.

As part of this public interest project, TAMassociati is developing a programme of clinics and outpatient clinics, with 4 new facilities designed to provide care and health monitoring for the resident and neighbouring communities.

1,500 square metres of health care space on a surface area of approximately 3 hectares will be dedicated primarily to general medicine, paediatrics, ophthalmology and emergency services; supported by the capital’s main public hospitals but also integrated with private health care activities located within the city.

An important step towards defining new benchmarks for health and health care in emerging countries.

The project is currently undergoing approval to move to its implementation phase.

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